Friday, October 21, 2016

My closet flashing finally gets a notice


Being a closet flasher I enjoy wearing my mesh shorts or athletic pants (liner removed)outdoors. Amazingly however, I rarely get noticed -- even when I don't wear a long shirt that would cover up the fact that I'm free-balling and hanging loose. There are different sized mesh weaves so the amount of transparency varies on the garment and whether it's sunny or cloudy (amount of light) affects how see-thru they appear. 

For the first time in a pretty long while, I actually did get noticed. I went out about 7 a.m. the other day wearing my long mesh pants to take a morning walk -- without my dog. Lately I've been taking the dog out and hour or so later than that. 

Along came someone on a bicycle who I've seen in the neighborhood before but haven't for a long time. He's a gardener / landscaper who works at a nursery nearby. I remember him because he's used come early to pick up the company truck parked in a lot across from where I live.

(The photo at the right is one of this blog's author. ---> )
 He would arrive on his bicycle and then proceed to stand sideways out in front the parked vehicle and take a long piss (just about every morning). I had noticed this habit - not because I was spying on him - but I'd see him when I came out to get the paper, looked out the window, He was apparently not deliberately exposing himself -- at least from my viewpoint. Yet I always wondered if he were sort of doing it on purpose. If he's coming to work by bicycle, his own place couldn't be that far away. 

For a year or so, his company uses a different parking lot for their vehicles so I've not seen him taking a morning piss. Well, that other morning, as he rode passed me on his bicycle his eyes centered in on my freeballing cock in these mesh pants which was just hanging partly below my shirt. He turned in from a side road and so his view of it
was just a short glance, but he definitely reacted. Because he had earphones on, as was listening to music, he could not heard himself but I heard him mumbled just as he passed me 'goddamn! or something like that, doing a double take.

Somehow I don't think he was not as shocked as he was surprised - maybe even delighted -- that there was somebody in his neighborhood he would do what he's been thinking about so long (his pissing in public was just his way of innocent flashing). So I now I think he might have been getting his own thrills as he 'innocently' pissed in public ever morning.

I know there are many -- if not most freeballers - who do wear no underwear for a lot different reasons than the thrill of accident exposure. But I think there might at least be a element of thrill of being seen for a good many -- even showing a VPL (visible penis line) through your pants/short that are NOT mesh must be appealing to some freeballers. Wearing mesh and semi-transparent or see-thru or ripped clothes with holes while freeballing is more further step along in that direction.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Reality Dudes: James

Reality Dudes: James

James is a hot and unemployed skater looking to make a quick buck. It didn’t take much for him to show us what he can do with those juicy lips of his.
Reality Dudes: James
Just a bit more cash, James let us enjoy fucking his tight ass right there and then in the woods. Needless to say it was the yummiest fuck!
15 OCT 16 BY KEN

Thursday, October 13, 2016

MormonBoyz: Elder Stewart


Elder Stewart’s mission is nearly over and he’s having mixed feelings about it. While the boy is trunky – missionary speak for being excited to pack your bags (trunks) and head back to the pre-mission world of friends and family – he knows he will miss the weekly and sometimes daily interactions with the many men of The Order.
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Getting what he wants: Naked in public

Embarrassing situation -

Originally uploaded by hardtwoholed.
Dear Bboi I'm still listening to the song, ok? BTW, I belong a freeballing group ( in Yahoo! Groups) and this story came in today. The cool thing was that the guy's story happened in downtown Philly (near the Criminal Justice Center) and he ran into a skater who NOTICED his predicament. I thought that would be so cool if it was you or your sk8erboys (LOL). Well. at least, I had more than a good imagination to visualize that was really happening.

--------- Embarrassing situation : Freeballing wet ------

Posted on Freeballing for Health and Comfort Yahoo Group by Michael -- somebody in Philly who sent this in 8:57pm Philly time Wed night, May 16. Not his picture but it might have looked something like that. When I wear my yellow boardshorts, they become sort of semi-transparent too - so I know what he means.)

Hey guys - It is finally really warming up in Philly -yesterday it was windy, but in the 80's - I wore a pair of cargo shorts I bought last year. They are desert camo (white, tan, and grey) and made of nylon- like board shorts, but more short like than bathing suit. Well, I came around a corner and ran into the sidewalk washers - (for those that know - Philly is not known for being a very clean city - they have tried in  recent years to improve with these teams of sidewalk washers downtown - they go around with a power washer and hose down the sidewalks). 

When someone walks by they point the hose away so that they do not get wet -turns out it pointed it away for a girl and her mom at the same time I turned the corner - I got completely hosed down the front of myself - they were very apologetic, and continued on - about 50 yards late, I noticed that people were staring at me with their mouths hanging open - I looked down and my shorts were completely transparent - not a little bit -completely!

I looked up and locked eyes with a skateboard punk who gave me the high sign and smiled - I flipped my bag around to the from and continued on my way - I am too known to continue exposing myself & the criminal justice center is on the next block - tons of cops, but it would have been fun to see more reactions. Enjoy these couple pics - stay free! Michael

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